The Benefits of Belly Dancing

Posted by Seyyide Sultan on Friday, May 31, 2013
I could say, without doubt, that my life changed dramatically -- for the better -- since I got involved into belly dancing, about 16 years ago. But even right away, there are definitively great benefits that most of us have experienced soon after just starting some lessons.

• BELLY DANCING is a workout to get fit and tone up core (great for your lower abs, legs and arms, which does NOT feel like you’re exercising but actually having FUN
• BELLY DANCING helps you gain more confidence in your image and change the way you present yourself in the world
• BELLY DANCING decreases your stress level

Belly dancing involves the use of your whole body, in a way that you’ll be gradually but surely improving your muscular tone (core, legs and arms), your posture, your coordination and your flexibility. As a result, while learning to dance, you will increase your body fitness without it feeling like work. I will actually make it feel like fun, as opposed to a boring workout.

It is easy to see that taking some time for yourself, and doing something fun, will surely decrease your level of stress. Yes, and let’s not forget that, since exercise is involved, your brain will produce endorphins and the result is a notorious lift in your mood. The result is that, despite how you were feeling when you arrived, you will leave class energized and inspired.

You’ll also gain confidence in your image, which will boosts the way you present yourself in public and the way you feel about yourself. Why? Not only your fitness and posture will be improving with the exercise, also I will lead you to appreciate the beauty of your own body more, as I teach you to move in an harmonic and sensual way. As a result, you will increase your acceptance and love for your body image, so you will project confidence and become more attractive to those around you.

And there is more. Belly dancing offers an outlet for expressing yourself. As opposed to other forms of exercise, even to other exercises that use music in it like zumba, belly dancing has the advantage that it involves the expression of feelings: what you feel in your heart, what the music makes you feel, and how the moves make your body feel good. I will also add some information here and there, so you will enrich your knowledge by learning a bit more about the culture and music of the places where this dance comes from.

And I could get going and going… But just check out the following video, showing Ellen Degeneres learning to belly dance :-)

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

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