Thank you so much for participating in the auditions 2018 for Sarab-Mirage show, November 18 in Arlington, MA.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Watch and study the choreography presented below

2) Film yourself performing the choreography. It has to be all in one take, no video edition, transitions or special effects of any sort. You may need to this several times until you are happy with your final version to submit.

3) Pick a video of yourself dancing, your own style. It could be a recent performance or, if you don't have any, you will have to create an additional video. Please do not submit video of performances older than 2017, it should be something from 2017 or 2018.

4) Edit both videos together, back to back, starting with your unique video and then the choreography.

5) Upload the final video to youtube as UNLISTED, and take note of the link.

6) Send an e-mail to including your full name, and the YouTube link of your unlisted video. Also attach your headshot and full body pictures.

By submitting your video you agree that it may be shared by Seyyide in social media, which would only happen in case you are selected to form part of the company for this 2018 performance.

Thank you so much!





Please, do not share in any way, do notperform or teach this choreography. It is only intended for your use to audition to join Sarab-Mirage. Thank you.

Additional videos to help: another partial run

Below is another run of the same choreography.. This one shows ONLY PART of the choreography, but I decided to include it since I'm wearing different clothes and may help you identify the movements better. See below.

Additional videos: Filmed from the back

Here is another run of the choreography seen from the back. 


Here is the link to get the song (Seta Al Sobh)