Learn Raks Sharqi (belly dance), a dance with roots in the Middle Eastern folklore that includes undulations, vibrations and sharp accents. In this dance, different parts of the body are moved independently and layered to make a unity. Every part of your body will participate, from your toes to your fingertips, your head and also your heart, as you develop body awareness and coordination. Regardless of your age or body type, you can learn something from this dance.





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Belly Dance for beginners: July 2024

Belly Dance Intermediate Classes (2024)

Registration opening soon, meanwhile consider joining our ONLINE intermediate classes (ongoing, see below). 


Offered for all levels.

ONLINEBelly DanceClasses Schedule 2024

belly dance classes online on zoom with belly dance flyer

Seyyide is offering her belly dance classes online using the Zoom platform. It's very easy for you to join, with your computer or even with a phone, connected to the internet.


Updated on 6/16/2024

  • Tuesday 6/18
  • Wednesday 6/26
  • more dates TBA...

Beginners class: 7:45 pm EST

Intermediate class: 9:00 pm EST

In all cases: you need to be registered and RSVP by 12:00 pm ET on the day of the class

To be registered, you need to have class credit. Here are your options:

  • You buy a 5-class or 10-class pass by 12 PM ET on the day of the class
  • You send a drop in payment for one class by 12 pm ET on the day of the class
  • You have a class pass that hasn't expired and it has class credits left
  • You signed in on a different site (SOMETIMES I list the class separately on Eventbrite or other platforms).

Once you are registered, you also need to RSVP no later than 12:00 pm EST on the day of the class, please. Instructions will only be sent to all who are registered AND RSVPed by 12:00 pm, via email (you will receive the email by 5:30 pm).

Registration for online belly dance classes

You have several options to register FOR ONLINE CLASSES
  • Pay for one class at a time ($20 for beginner or intermediate, $22 for advanced)
  • Buy a 5-class pass* (good for 5 classes, expires 2 calendar months after the first use) $90 ($18/class)
  • Buy a 10-class pass* (good for 10 classes, expires 4 calendar months after the first use) $175 ($17.50/class)

BONUS: You get access to the class recordings for 5 days after the class you attended!

(*) Multiclass passes are nontransferable.

Are you registered for online classes now? Then please...


Description of the Different Levels

If you know what your level is, just scroll down to register. Otherwise, here are some guidelines to help you find out.

  • Level 1 (Beginner): For the brand-new student, who’s never taken belly dance or just casually a few classes, or only a long time ago; and to those students with less than 6 months of experience; to learn, to establish and/or to practice the fundamental posture and movements of this dance, including musicality and transitions using basic movements of all categories. You can stay or revisit this level for as long as you wish, and take it as “the barre” of belly dance.
  • Level 2-3 (Intermediate): For those with several months of experience, coming from another teacher/location or from my own level 1 classes, only after they have already internalized the fundamentals of belly dance, and a repertoire of basic movements, and are familiar with some rhythms and with combining movements. I recommend taking at least one month of Level 1 with me if you haven’t had experience with another teacher in Egyptian style. The Level 2 class will introduce NEW movements and go further in the combination of steps to produce a dance phrase. We will use veils and might also introduce some simple cane twirling technique and simple movements.
  • Level 3-PRO (Advanced): For those with at least a few years of experience, including at least some previous exposure to Egyptian style. We will use veils and canes regularly. Basic cane twirling is assumed to be known. Basic veil handling is assumed to be known. These classes include professional dancers among the students, so expect the level to raise significantly compared with the previous level.

If in doubt, please ask! Sometimes I recommend taking two classes for a month, one inferior and one superior level, to fill any gaps while still challenging yourself, or at least to gauge which one is the best level for you to stick with at the present time. Admission to a certain level is ultimately at my (Seyyide’s) discretion (I will certainly make the recommendation that I think works best for YOU, me and your classmates). 

More information and reviews HERE

Seyyide is teaching group classes online only at the moment, and is also available for private lessons by appointment.

Seyyide with students of one of her bellydance classes


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Boston A-List Award Winner: Best Dance Classes, Top 5 Finalist


Boston A-List Award Winner: Best Dance Classes, Top 5 Finalist

Any class package could also be offered as a gift certificate, should you want to give a loved one the gift of dance. Just purchase the package and send us a note to let us know.

Seyyide and her belly dance students in the dance studio after belly dance class


Not able to come to classes in Cambridge? Here are some of the WORKSHOPS that you can book Seyyide to teach IN YOUR LOCATION -- scheduling in person for not earlier than June 2021 due to covid-19

Introduction to Belly Dance with Seyyide

Seyyide will teach an introductory belly dance workshop in BOSTON. The fundamentals of belly dance (Egyptian/Arabic style) will be presented and you will learn many must-have movements. This class will be suitable for novice and beginner students. Two hours.

Let's Dance

For dancers who have already learned/ mastered the fundamental movements of belly dance. How about putting them together in a special way?... Let's dance! We will work on a choreography to a an Arabic-pop song. The emphasis will be on musicality, transitions and use of the space, as well as stage presence. This workshop is multilevel, okay for beginners with at least a few months of experience through advanced dancers.

Baladi Progression: Awadi

For dancers who have already learned/ mastered the fundamental movements of belly dance. Lean the structure of this exciting part of the Arabic show. From understanding the music, the sequence of the progression, the mood, to technique for moves that will allow you to express each one of these parts appropriately. This workshop is multilevel, okay for intermediate through advanced dancers.

Stars of Egypt 1940-1960s

We will experiment with a few signature movements of the Stars of Egypt from years 1940 to 1960: Taheyya Carioca, Samia Gamal and Suhair Zaki. This workshop is multilevel, okay for beginners with at least a few months of experience through advanced dancers.